Congrats to the 2017 Winner and Runner-Up!

The 7th Annual Evolution Film Festival was held at the Evolution 2017 Conference in Portland, OR on Sunday, June 25th.  This year, we had 45 submissions and screened 14 finalists.  The audience voted and the winner was “Milkweed vs. Monarchs: The Evolutionary Arms Race”, submitted by Sara Dykman:


What makes her entry particularly noteworthy is that she wrote, filmed, edited and submitted it while on a 3,000-mile bike ride from Mexico to Canada to follow Monarch butterfly migration.  You can read more about that adventure here.

As winner of this year’s Evolution Film Festival, Sara will receive the $1,000 First Place Prize (courtesy of the Society for the Study of Evolution), and this fabulous 1st Place Trophy (which she undoubtedly plans to mount on her handlebars to keep her company as she finishes her journey to Canada).

Congrats, also, to this year’s Runner-Up: “The Friar and the Pea: The Life and Legacy of Gregor Mendel“, submitted by Eric and Alicia Power of PowerUp Animations.  As runners-up, they receive $500 from SSE.

Thanks to all who submitted videos this year, all who attended the event and voted in Portland, and to our sponsors: Duke Initiative for Science & Society, HHMI BioInteractive, Society for the Study of Evolution and the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action.

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