Congrats to the winners of the 2012 NESCent evolution film festival

The votes are in! Nearly 200 people viewed and voted on their favorite short videos in the 2012 evolution film festival in Ottawa on Saturday July 7. We screened 14 short evolution-themed films, each one three minutes or less. Each film got at least one first place vote. The winners are “The evolution of an alternative male mating strategy: socializing with less attractive rivals,” submitted by Cedric Tan and colleagues of the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology (1st place), and “Lessons from Evolution: Dating with Darwin,” submitted by Megan Head and Amber Teacher of the University of Exeter (2nd place).

The first- and second-place winners will receive a travel allowance of up to $1,000 and $500, respectively, for travel expenses to attend the scientific meeting of their choice.

Thanks to our filmmakers for some fabulous films. Please consider submitting a film for next year’s evolution film festival in Snowbird, Utah!

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